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The Fruit Tree Handbook by Ben Pike

The Fruit Tree Handbook by Ben Pike

"A really well-organised, approachable yet thorough guide to sourcing, planting and caring for fruit trees. It's a must for anyone considering anything from a couple of tress to an orchard" Mark Diacono, River Cottage Head Gardener.

The Fruit Tree Handbook is a clear, practical guide for both amateur and expert. It explains all you need to know in order to grow delicious fruit, from designing your orchard and planting your trees to harvesting your produce.

This excellent book conveys a deep respect for the natural world, showing how to cultivate healthy trees through good management, and also includes chapters on restoring an old orchard and setting up a community orchard. Whether you are planning a few trees in your garden or 50 trees in a field, this is the book for you.

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